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You may have thousands of documents created in one of these programs that has served you well over the years, but which does not work on modern computers.

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We enable you to bring decades of work into the modern era Your legacy documents are converted as if they were created in MS Word in the first place, and you can now process, edit, print and work with them on a modern platform. What's more, you may even enhance these documents automatically as they are being converted.

In addition, you can specify how to handle special conversion situations such as Dos fonts that are not directly available under Windows. To put it succintly: we do not know of any better solution for converting from such a wide range of legacy or modern word processors.

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We read and convert most modern as well as older word processor files, as well as some spreadsheet and data base files. In many cases, it also converts graphics embedded in or linked to documents. It can read more than 75 different major file formats , and convert them to modern-day applications.

Synthesized music composed and performed by Toshi Hokari. An exhibition catalog is included with the videotape.

Computer Magic follows state-of-the-art animation projects from concept to completion, supplying insights into methods used by innovators in this exciting field. It provides useful information for computer professionals, while being a highly entertaining eye-opener for general audiences. Also-similarities shared by all computers and definitions of computer terminology.

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Animation illustrates complex ideas and makes lessons easy to remember. The CHKDSK check disk utility, using FC file comparison , learn find utility, learn more utility, learn sort utility, learn to backup and restore and more on batch files. You'll even go on a virtual reality tour of your hard drive!

Easily into Multimate Advantage II

If you are just getting started, then this tape is for you! A culmination of a unit designed to teach art, as well as the technical skills needed to be comfortable at the computer, the package includes a page booklet, "An Easy Guide for Creating Computer Graphics in the Elementary Schools. It is suggested that the videotape and lesson plan be purchased together.

The videotape is used for student motivation, shows creative possibilities and contains no narration. Both volumes cover techniques to help make you a more effective and satisfied receptionist.

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Although educationally sound, this tape is not intended to train the viewer to become a private eye. It is humorous and timely.

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See how kids use computers to play games, practice math, invent toys, produce a school newspaper and learn about the latest technology. See how computers teach astronauts and pilots to fly, how TV weather maps are made and how the phone system saves lives.

The simple conversational approach is easy to understand, informative and convenient to use designed by a team of computer software specialists, Introduction to From Lotus, shortens the learning cycle and reinforces the training. Proven teaching techniques make learning with the Video Professor fast and easy. For IBM and compatibles 60 min.

This overview of home computers gives you practical ideas of how your computer can solve home problems. Topics include computer codes, basic elements, the binary system, microchips, peripherals and more.

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Microsoft Windows Getting Started In this tape you will learn how to use the Start menu and desktop icons, quickly switch between programs and the Taskbar, organize and find your files, explore the Internet with Internet Explorer, send and receive email with Outlook Express, get help online and via the Web, and much more! This program covers files, directories and other DOS terms.

In our training video you will learn: how to set up custom boot disks for your DOS games, create special setup files so that you will not miss a minute of game time, set-up custom shortcuts for easy access to all of your games, see and learn the commands needed to optimize your games. With the included software, you will always have the definitions you need at your fingertips.