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In English nominalizations one type of meaning shift — from event to result readings — seems to be quite productive and predictable.

These meaning shifts do not affect the internal morphological structure of the nominalization, which entails that in a Distributed Morphology approach, the complete verbal internal structure must be present. However, they do affect the argument structure of the nominalization, ruling out the presence of the internal argument that is mandatory on the event interpretation Grimshaw This chapter explores first what that internal structure must consist of, by considering the syntax of verb-particle constructions and their behaviour in mixed nominalizations, then identifies particular verbal morphemes with particular syntactic terminals.

This points to certain conclusions about the structure of the verb phrase, and the meaning contributions of certain sub-components.

Introduction to Nominalisation

Finally, some discussion is presented about the problem of how to derive the result nominalization meaning, given the necessary conclusion, for DM, that they have verbal syntactic structure contained within them. The central point is that taking the morphology—syntax relationship seriously strongly constrains what can be proposed in terms of a structural repre- sentation of nominalizations.

Quantification, definiteness, and nominalization

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Heidi Harley

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This book addresses recent developments in the study of quantifier phrases, nominalizations, and the linking definite determiner. It reflects the intense reconsideration of the nature of quantification, and of fundamental aspects of the syntax and semantics of quantifier phrases.

Quantification, Definiteness, and Nominalization

Leading international scholars explore novel and challenging ideas at the interfaces between syntax and morphology, syntax and semantics, morphology and the lexicon. They examine core issuesin the field, such as kind reference, number marking, partitivity, context dependence and the way presuppositions are built into the meanings of quantifiers.

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They also consider how in this context definiteness and the definite determiner D play a central role, and the way in which D is alsoinstrumental in nominalizations. With nominalization, the lexical semantic contribution of verbs and their arguments becomes central, and within the perspective of this book the question is asked whether syntactic nominalizations share with noun phrases the same external layer, namely the functional projection DP.