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It is an intuitive activity of mind, a metaphysical process in which nature is a potential source of truth.

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Already at the age of fifteen, Keats began to be attracted by books and particularly by classical antiquity. Greek plastic art enchanted him and deeply influenced his poetry.

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He could sit for hours in front of the Elgin Marbles, since ancient Greek and poetry ment to him Beauty. Thus he turned to the classical world for inspiration, but he interpreted it through the eyes of a Romantic. Keats is inspired by an ancient Greek vase, which he sees or imagines, to investigate the relationship of art and life.

The urn is a symbol of ideal Beauty captured by art, above all classical art.

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It has remained unchanged through time, just as ideal Beauty never changes. The figures on it are immortal too, but only at the price of remaining frozen at a particular moment in time, without completing their lives. The poet, though, does not try to identify with them; he only contamplates a work of art, as the romantic tradition of the ut pictura poesis stated, deriving meditation from it.

Keats seems to be saying that art, beacuse it can capture the ideal and the eternal, is, in a sense, superior to life, which must come to and end, and that man, who is naturally mortal, can only express his sense of the ideal and eternal through art.

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Robinson, "Passion and Romantic Poetics"

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