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Needless to say you can't prove your position. I think the real point the movie Is trying to get accross is that our thoughts affect us and everything around us to what degree is unknown. If you choose to be negative you will respond to life in a more negative way you will allow in more negative things into you life, this will have an effect on you. If you are positive and try to work with what you have and turn away as much negativity as you can you can start to move your life in a more positive direction.

Try it out it can't hurt. But my point is still this, you cannot prove your statement about the gun to your head. You can't measure the effect of hope in a one off situation. You most likely would have a very hard time doing it in a laboratory too. But those Ice crystas were interesting I want to look deeper into that. A big one is this thing about Colomusis ships. I don't think this was taken as an actual peace of fact from some book I think they may have just tryed to use an example from life that we can imagine.

Here is how I see it. The natives had no frame of referance when they first saw the ships, before they had an understanding of what they were seeing they could not know what it was. This experience was probably short lived. Once they saw strangely dreased white men babbling in a stange tongue it probably all made scence right then and there.

I read a book called Zen and the art of motercycle maintenance. Very good book I recomend it. In this book the author speaks of a priori knowledge, this has to do with our veiw of reality based on our experiences. He references everything in the book to a motor cycle. Say a baby sees a motorcycle for the first time. The baby has no experience in life as to what this is, he has no a priori knoledge of what this stange object is or could be.

He has no way of knowing this is a bike it is just an image to the baby. Yes he can see it but he can't comprehend it. If you take the baby out of the room, turn the bike around, put the baby back where he was sitting and now show him the other side of the bike to the baby there would be no conecting image in his mind of the bike in position one to position two, so the baby has no way of knowing that he is looking at the same object.

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To the child it is a different thing altogether. He will build a motocycle in his mind from his expereince and in the future when he sees the bike from any angle he will then know it is a bike. But without building this foundation of connecting images and experience the baby cant know that the same bike from different angles is the same object. So back to the indians I think this is the idea here. They had no frame of reference to understand what those ships were, there was no context for it in there veiw of the world yet.

But I'm sure they figured it out very quickly. The last thing is a comment about the multible basketball idea.

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Some one said that they don't believe that the basketball occupies many spaces at once when he isn't looking because many other people can still see the ball while in a stadum and it is in the same place, or something like that agian this is not a word for word quote from the poster.

Well there are a few thoughts here. Anyway, any knowledge about the balls location can be seen to be a measurment of the ball and in effect pins it down. But untill that point, with no human observer, the ball could be anywhere, or no where at all. I belileve a lot of people should first watch "A Beautiful Mind" before making up their own minds. Or get a good reading at the works of Carl Jung. I personally found this fascinating and food for thought,5 stars! All who claim the "truth" be them atheist or cristian still look funky to me because there is no difference in their behaviors.

Apparently intention works on reality and for all you pseudo skeptics out there if the placebo effect is not the ultimate proof i don't know if any kind of proof would be enough? This is an incredible documentary, answering a LOT of questions, giving very well thought out examples of extremely complex scenarios. Every single person on earth needs to watch this video, especially religious people, so that this new revelation of physics can be discussed in all aspects. PS don't take it personally.

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While the title hinted at a scientific mindset, this assumption quickly desintegrates when you consider it's sources and subject it's featured hypotheses to scientific scrutiny. There is far too little known about quantum mechanics and it's variables to extrapolate on the bits that we do know.

While I'm a fan of speculative docs, I'm partial to scientific conjecture, not wonderous philosophy. They shouldn't be mixed as far as I'm concerned. So if I got shot in the face by some unimaginable weapon from a million years in the future, so that I had no clue what it was, does that mean I couldn't see it or it would not have happened?

Anthropic reasoning is great for philosophy but very bad for science. Shame on you Bleep.

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Take the movie for what it is and learn. If we take everything we watch as something we should learn without giving it some critical analysis then we learn nothing. This is a documentary not a movie for the purpose of entertainment.

If posts are too long for you don't read them. Whilst I don't always post, I do sometimes make long posts on subjects that are of interest to me or where I might benefit the discussion. Sometimes I don't post at all but still read what other people have to say and that often broadens my own insights.

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Thanks to those who have taken the time to post and if it needs in depth argument then that is that. Alrighty then.

Anyways, this "rabbit hole" reeks with blatant hinduism and certainly scientology, its derivative. In other words so many people are being misled, yet again, by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and other new age demonologists. If you look at this religious video here, try watching the movie "The Matrix" again. Remember the kid with the bald head who was "teaching" Neo to bend the spoon with his mind? No matter how "scientific" these people try to make all this sound, it always winds back up to the same 'ol satanic rituals.

In this case, why don't they just come right out and say transcendental meditation? The reason is the devil just likes to use a different veil each time to fool people. Beware Scientology. It is a masquerade. Like all religions it feeds on fear. Like all cults it demands a degree of loyalty that is considerably higher than most religions.


If you are unconvinced of its masquerade, check out the fact that Scientology condems the study and practice of psychiatry. Psychiatry is the study of mental disorders. If no one were to study people with mental disorders then we would have no help we could offer people with mental disorders for we would have no understanding of these disorders themselves hence no understanding of those who have them.

Without understanding those with mental disorders would would come to regard people who have them with fear. We would want to distance ourselves from them. It would be a form of chaos in society if we did not help them, and in doing so help ourselves which is the gift that comes with knowledge.

What is interesting is that Scientology condems psychiatry and yet the entire method that Scientology uses to attract, indoctrinate, then keep its memebers is by using a practice they call auditing which is structured identically to psychiatry but which inserts their own dogma and teachings into the areas which would normally be filled with legitimate research and they insert into the conclusions area their own ideas which have no basis in reality at all.

See a Problem?

Imagine a world where psychiatry is feared. That means that a problem has been created for now everybody runs from those with mental disorders. Scientology, which has laid the foundation for the fear of those with mental disorders in the first place comes and says that no one needs to fear, that while psychiatry is evil and everyone has no idea what to do about the problem of thoses with mental disorders, we are here.

What the #$*! Do We Know?

We will help. We will take these people in and do Auditing on them and save them. Oh, and by the way, if you're not sure if you have a mental disorder and need help, or even if you just want us to check you to make sure, come on in and we'll Audit you too. Then, if you're fine we'll tell you, but if we find something, even if its just tiny, we'll help you with that too. You can count on us.